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Sunday, July 3, 2022


Doomcore Records presents a Pod Cast by Rites, hailing from Austria. And what a cast it is! Pure dark doom gloom filth Techno and Hardcore.
This is truly something for the Doomheads and sick minds. Old classics and new experiments joined in a set. Kept together by massive bassdrums.
The kind of stuff that would keep you mesmerized and dancing all night in a club, squat - or at home.

Check it!


Antraxid - alone in the dark
Succubus helna - menarche III
Bdacid - do you believe in evil
Fifth era - untitled {demonic waves}
Low entropy - in your grave (hardcore remix)
Antraxid - bloodstrain
Antraxid - blackness
Starving Insect & Omni - Breeding the threnodies
Disface - suicide note
Low entropy - anti faschist doomcore
Antraxid - dominion
Fifth era - support your lokal doomkommandoh (65 divison NR remix)
The c-hunter - in the shadow of darkness
Slavefriese - one night back in time
Satronica - h4mans w4nt w4r
Crystal geometry - la promesse
Satronica - sunbeam (w/ killbourne)
Turbulence - home of the sick

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