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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Doomcore Records

Doomcore Records was started in December 2012 by artist and author Sönke Moehl aka Low Entropy in Hamburg, Germany. The idea behind the label was to have an outlet for sounds in the style of Doomcore, Darkcore, and more sombre and twisted Techno in general. But the label also always welcomed music that broke the Doomcore mold and brought in new and fresh ideas from such genres as EBM, Dark Wave, Video Game Music or even Black Metal - or just Avantgarde and sonic experimentalism in general.

In the years that Doomcore Records existed so far, especially three influences to the Doomcore sound proved to be fruitful:
That of music that has been traditionally called "Industrial" and that got closer to Doomcore in recent times; and genres that are associated with it, such as Dark Ambient.
That of Gabber music, especially "Oldschool" Gabber of the 90s.
And that of harder and darker forms of Techno, that grew in popularity in the last years.
So you're likely to find a sombre Dark Ambient track, a melancholic 200 BPM Hardcore affair, or even a frantic Industrial Black Metal song in between the more traditional Doomcore sounds on this label.

Doomcore Records always had the strict policy to just look at "the music" when choosing releases, so you'll find both newcomers and yet unknown talents together with big names and veterans of Hardcore and Doomcore on this label.
Some of the bigger artists that have released on Doomcore Records are AnTraxid, The Darkcreator, Taciturne and Nkisi - who had her debut release on DCR!

The label had plenty of output and hit it's 150th release in 2021 and is still going strong.
2021 also saw the release of the first Doomcore Records vinyl, "Doomland", a collaboration with Teknoland Production.
Doomcore Records so far was mentioned in magazines such as The Wire, Pitchfork, Fact Magazine, Crack Magazine, and plenty, plenty of others.
The Doomcore Records team consists of Low Entropy who selects the tracks and releases for the label, and Mattia Travaglini who creates the artworks for the releases which also set the mood for the sounds.

So this is the little description for that Doomcore centered label.

Any further inquiries, demos etc. should be directed at low.entropy.80@gmail.com


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